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Khanyi Mbau blames women for men’s abusive nature

Khanyi Mbau blames women for men’s abusive nature.  Khanyi Mbau gives justifiable reasons why men are being violent to women. Speaking on Gender-Based Violence on a show titled Mzansi Highlights, the actress said she has been in an abusive relationship, but she settled due to what she gained. Khanyi further said some of these men who abuse their partners do so because of pressure and also because the women don’t know their places. The video garnered lots of reactions, with a majority being disappointed in the actress.

Khanyi Mbau

“This is true though, anger mostly comes from frustration and having a partner that doesn’t understand and always wants and wants and wants does result in such acts, it’s wrong but frustration and stress breeds anger,” a tweep wrote in agreement to Khanyi’s statement. Being a GBV apologist as a South African woman is mind boggling,” another tweep wrote.

Khanyi Mbau

“Pressure is not caused by women. What is expected of them at work, society, at home, and from other men is what puts them under pressure. And for men, because all of this takes a hit on their ego, they take it out on their spouses,” a tweep reacted.

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As the year comes to an end, Zimbabwe’s capital city, Harare, is set to host a monumental religious event on the 31st of December 2023.

Nombulelo Mhlongo

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