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Watch: Big Brother Titans winner Khosi Twala gifted lots of cash

Big Brother Titans winner Khosi Twala received cash from a random ‘blesser’ over the weekend.

It was a fantastic weekend for the 25-year-old model as she got a gift she will never forget. A few weeks ago, Khosi had been topping trends after winning the prestigious prize at Big Brother Titans. It seemed that good things were all hers this season. It is indeed a year to remember for the KwaZulu-Natal-born star.

After winning the Big Brother Titans, many people now love Khosi Twala, as seen by a ‘blesser’ who gifts her a bunch of cash. A few months ago, she never knew that she would get to the point of earning money when walking down the street. She has since become a top celeb many times more than she had been.

Khosi Twala

More often than, we get to see celebs dishing out cash to fans to show them how rich they are. This is the norm people are used to, not the other way around. Fortunately, Khosi Twala lives opposite normal as a random ‘blesser’ gave her cash from nowhere.

This is true, the epitome of fan love. Indeed, Khosi had never experienced so much love before Big Brother Titans. She is living the best moments of her life and can’t hide them anymore. This is money on top of more money; many people can only dream of living such a great life.

Khosi Twala

The Big Brother Titans winner Khosi Twala shared the video as a random fan gifts her cash, showing her joy. Screaming and closing her ears, Khosi received the money with much unbelief. It was not a dream; it was indeed happening. She captioned the video saying:

First ever good deeds donation since BBT


After winning the famous Big Brother Titans, Khosi Twala produced funny dance moves that went viral on Twitter. She showed her other side that left Mzansi divided, as some claimed that she was a lousy dancer.

Indeed, Khosi Twala doesn’t care if that can win her the Big Brother Titans as well as getting bunches of cash from random ‘blessers’.


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