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Kim Kardashian opens up on next marriage amid Odell Beckham rumors

Kim Kardashian and NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. have been surrounded with rumors of romance for the past few months, and now Kim is opening up about the idea of another marriage.

Listing the qualities of her ideal partner, Kim said, “Accountable for actions. Takes accountability. Good teeth. Can hold their own. I don’t have to babysit all the time. I mean, just a good genuine person that’s driven and has their own motivations in life, too – the list is so long,” she added during her appearance on James Corden’s This Life of Mine podcast.

Kim Kardashian

Kim then went on to reflect that she understands it could be challenging for any partner to deal with her level of fame, and it would take a “special” person to be able to do that.

“I understand my life is really big and I understand it takes a really, really, really special, unique person to want to deal with that,” she said. “I think my life is really fun and whoever comes in my life will have a really good time. But it’s a lot

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In other news – Tom Cruise is making progress in his relationship with Elsina Khayrova


Tom Cruise is making rapid progress in his relationship with Elsina Khayrova. Last week, a source told Daily Mail that the 61-year-old actor has “made things official” with the Russian socialite who was previously married to a oligarch named Dimitry Tsvetkov.

Tom Cruise


It’s well known within Elsina’s circle that she and Tom are now an item. Read more

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