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DJ accuses King Monada of stealing

King Monada has been accused of stealing the title of the song Ke Findile out, which means I found out.

Nkhumeleni “CK the DJ” Thaba, who is also friends with King Monada, told the publication that his song was released three weeks ago and King Monada released his track a week later.

“I am angry because King Monada stole the title of my song. My song was released in January this year and I started promoting it online. People loved it and it started trending on social media platforms. A week later King Monada released his song with exactly the same title,” Nkhumeleni said.

“I suspect that King Monada also heard my song on Facebook and that’s when he decided to steal the title. Both these songs are of the same genre, but the lyrics are different,” he said.

He said that when he realized this, he contacted King Monada.

“King Monada is like a brother to me. I’ve known him for over 10 years so when I realised this, I confronted him. I thought he’d humble himself and apologise, but I was wrong instead, he insulted me and called me a ****.”

“I was hurt because I thought we could solve this like brothers. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. I believe he stole my title intentionally,” he said.

The publication has seen the messages between King Monada and CK the DJ.

King Monada wrote: “Someone tell that grown **** that he doesn’t own any content… That’s a TikTok trend. F**** Nthwe ke ****.”

CK the DJ

To which CK responded: “I might be a **** to you but I am a father to my children, a son to my mother, and a husband to my wife. I don’t remember insulting you leka tsatsi eli tihi… Please Ska rowa. Please.”

“For now, I have not opened any case of theft, but I want him to know that I will not let this pass. Also, I don’t want to take this too far, I just want him to change the title of his song otherwise my fans will be confused,” he said.

“This might also cause challenges at SAMRO when I am trying to collect royalties,” CK the DJ told the publication.

The publication tried to contact King Monada but he refused to respond to questions.

“I will not respond to your questions,” said King Monada.

Thokozani Sidu, an entertainment lawyer said: “According to the Copyright act, two songs cannot have the same title because it’d create confusion. In this instance, the owner of the song would depend on who registered it first. But it is not a straightforward exercise because there are other issues that are usually taken into consideration.”


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