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Kudzai Mushonga breaks silence on relationship with Khanyi Mbau

Zimbabwean wealthy businessman Kudzai Terrence Mushonga and South African socialite and reality star Khanyisile ‘Khanyi’ Mbau have started to engage one another on social media after deleting each other’s pictures on Instagram earlier this year, leading their fans to believe that they had finally broken up.

Khanyi Mbau
During an exclusive interview, Kudzai Mushonga opened up about why he and the Young, Famous & African reality TV star bumped heads earlier this year. He explained that his businesses were in Dubai, whereas, Mbau had contractual obligations in South Africa so they constantly spent several weeks apart.

“I think for now we are taking it one day at a time. [The] distance was one of our [relationship] killer…different time zones, you know. My time is ahead of hers and maybe when she’s finishing work, I am already sleeping,” Mushonga said.

“Because of the life that we lived in the first year of our relationship, we were always together and never left each other for more than four hours in a day. When the dynamics changed where I said we are permanently living in Dubai; she still had other stuff to do in South Africa,” he added.

Khanyi Mbau

Kudzai further explained that he has lived in the United Emirates for so long as he studied in Dubai during his varsity days. He added that he does not live at the Royal Atlantis Hotel like many people assumed and revealed that he owns his own house in Dubai. He enjoys hanging out there from time to time which comes at a heavy price.

Khanyi Mbau

“I don’t live there as my day-to-day home, but I have access to it,” he said. Kudzai Mushonga also said he and Khanyi Mbau had dreams of living at the Royal Atlantis however, they have not been able to just yet.

“We haven’t been there together but that’s because Khanyi has work in South Africa and for the past months; she’s just been working so I ended up going alone.

The wealthy businessman slammed the rumours that he had any relations with the stewardess known as Bunny Bandit. Mushonga claimed that a certain gossip club believed that he was with her at the hotel for some reason and other tabloids ran with the story. I have never seen her in person.”

Mushonga admitted that he has hung out with other females besides Mbau since their problems, but nothing serious. He says, all the girls he has been seen with are just all friends.

Source: thesouthafrican

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