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Lady Du loses her brother

South African singer and DJ, Lady Du is struggling to come to terms with the death of her brother and it has really been an emotionally trying time for. The Amapiano sensation took to her timeline to mourn his death without disclosing what led to his fate.

“Lord you know what death does to me, you know how sensitive I am, to take my brother away from me before I could even do what I wanted for him is so unfair,” she wrote.

“How I’ll recover from this only you know. I tried pulling myself together today but it hit me that I’ll never see my brother again. RIP bro. I love you so much. Greet my grandma when you get to heaven. Till we meet again. Unglimazile bro Thabiso.”

Lady Du

In another post, Lady Du spoke of how distraught she was and said she had come to a point where she appreciated spending more time with family.

“I now understand what real pain is, working through it. A message I’d like to send to everyone is, please spend as much time with your family as you can. No amount of money can replace time spent with loved ones.

Lady Du

“From today moving forward I promise to be kinder to myself and people around me, I promise to give hugs when needed, promise to share God in everything I do. I’m in so much pain but I want to work 10 times harder because the only safe place I have is music. Thank you for the kind and heartfelt messages. Thank you to all the promoters who actually called, some sending flowers. May God be with you.”

In August 2021 Lady Du lost her friends and industry colleagues Mpura and Killer Kau who died in an accident.

Lady Du

Remembering and paying homage to the late stars, the singer took to Instagram to share the song and verse which she dedicated to her late friends.

In the verse, the singer pleads with God to make it rain while she performs so people don’t see her tears.

“Aye I cried like a baby,” she captioned the post.


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