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Lady Du reacts after being dragged for supporting the lady who stole at Jet

Lady Du reacts after being dragged for supporting the lady who stole at Jet Mall in SA. The vocalist got emotional after watching how the lady was caught by the employees at the mall. She was caught with huggies pampers as seen in the video which went viral.

Du volunteered to help the lady after it was revealed that she stole the pampers for her child. The singer further stated that the employees who humiliated the lady should get disciplined. However, some social media users slammed Lady Du for promoting theft.

Lady Du

“Morning, I see a lot of people angry at the fact that I’m helping lulama saying I’m promoting theft, if lulama as pretty as she is went and sold her body she’d be called names, don’t you think she knew she was risking her life and future for her kids, my issue with all this is how she was humiliated, the staff knows very well they need to take her to the back of the store call for help and let management deal with her. I’ve helped a lot of people, I don’t post them because no one wants to be seen struggling!!!”

Lady Du

“Even with her, I asked for permission to share her number and details after seeing her because of all the people who asked to assist. I used the video to locate her so I can assist as I am a mother too. We need to learn more about mental health, stop triggering people into killing themselves by posting their miseries… we all have been through tough times. Let’s be kinder,” she wrote.

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