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Lady Du reveals why she chose singing

Lady Du reflects on how she left her passion for DJing to become a singer. She recounted how she explored DJing in her father’s house.THIS IS MY FATHER’S HOUSE, I used his vinyl collection. I want to reach out to every human being that’s at the lowest point of their lives, the ones that feel like giving up, I started playing at 9 when djing wasn’t popular, I played Hip hop and house, I then got an opportunity to travel the world which lead me to leaving my purpose, I came back I continued but fell out of love with it because it was no longer about the skill people have changed and evolved. I enjoyed the practical part of it, so I chose singing,” she wrote.

Lady Du

Du further stated that she isn’t interested in fighting for the number one spot. My journey hasn’t been an easy one, I see people fight for the number one spot I’m out here thinking you should be fighting to keep yourself in the game. The fact that I still have numbers now is wild. My catalogue dates to 16 years ago”

Lady Du

“When you are mentioning each other at the top leave me where I am. I’m learning everyday, i’m cementing myself!!! I’ve never wanted to be anything but a musician. I’m living my purpose and dreams!!!!!”

“So whenever you feel like you don’t know how to lift yourself up, bend your knees, look down, humble yourself before God!!!! You will get it!!!! Talent alone won’t help you.

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