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Lerato Moloi on journey of healing

Mzansi actress Lerato Moloi is on a journey of healing and she is slowly picking up the pieces to get her groove back.

Taking to her Instagram stories Lerato who accused Mongezi “Toll A$$ Mo” Mahlangu of rape said she is trying to heal.

“Trying to heal while trying to grieve, while trying to live, while trying to dream, while trying to smile, while trying to give love, while trying to be love,”

Lerato Moloi

In a long heartfelt post, Lerato wrote about creating positive memories. “Still…doing me cutie-bebe era..also, tryna fit my hands in the frame, to wassup every babe! making new, positive memories, while staying in an unsafe environment, takes a special weirdo quality, that I’m grateful to have. Rediscovering myself, on this second half of my journey, continues to be nothing short of spectacular, from a neurodivergent perspective…shurruts to err buddy & their ND 🧠 matter, ’cause we matter!!

“Am especially grateful for my fellow weirdos, that help me along the way, to realize how being me is enough, and understanding that conforming to being less than, others while learning ME, without false indoctrinations, is the biggest UNlearning I will partake in…thank you for being err buddy! I love you endlessly!!”

In 2018, Moloi accused Tol Ass Mo of raping her when they were working on a production in Western Cape. Through her lawyers, Lerato said that she would not be silenced. “For many years, I have been battling to find the courage and support to speak up against a number of acts of violence that have happened to me.

Tol Ass Mo

“In 2014, I was s.e.xually assaulted and raped by Mongezi ‘Toll Ass Mo’ Mahlangu while working on a television production in Paarl, Western Cape.

“For numerous reasons, I did not open a case at the time and only shared this experience with one of the other participants on the show”, she said in the statement.

After a lengthy legal battle, Toll Ass Mo was acquitted of all the rape charges leveled against him by Moloi.

The comedian released a statement saying he had always maintained his innocence and said Moloi should face the music for the “false and malicious allegations.”

He revealed that he would be pursuing the legal route against Moloi because the allegations caused immense damage to his family and his career.

“I have maintained my innocence despite the false and malicious claims of an alleged rape made by Ms. Lerato Moloi, which has caused immense damage to me, my family, my children, my professional reputation, and subsequent loss of livelihood negatively affected my overall mental health and emotional wellbeing.

“As such, I am currently pursuing charges of slander, defamation of character, as well as malicious prosecution against Ms. Moloi. [I am also pursuing] civil charges to cover the total legal costs incurred and the comprehensive loss of income suffered during this time.

“In addition, I will also be pursuing the necessary legal action against the parties responsible. In section 35(3) of the South African constitution, every accused person has the right to a fair trial and, in sub-section (3)(h), the right to be presumed innocent and to remain silent.,” read the statement.


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