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Lerato Mvelase on her tough times

Well-known award-winning South African actress Lerato Mvelase recently reflected on how far she has come.

In a recent interview on DJ Fresh’s WAW (What a Week) podcast, she was asked when things were tough, how tough they were, and the actress instantly went to her childhood.

“You know my nature is that of handling things , so I handle things myself and that’s just who I am. My mom raised me like that and I suppose having to take care of my family from such an early age, you have to be strong. You have to grow up very quickly. As a kid I remember at Sacred Heart specifically, we didn’t have money at all at home and I would miss school, and I couldn’t afford to miss school because I couldn’t speak English.

Lerato Mvelase

“I was there with Madiba [former president Nelson Mandela] and [Walter] Sisulu’s grandkids. It was that school, and I’m just this kid whose mom worked at a factory as a seamstress. I used to get R5. What do you buy for lunch at Sacred Heart with R5? So I spent most of my lunch days in the bathroom because what are you going to eat?”

Reflecting on the strides she has been taking, Lerato was proud of herself.

Lerato Mvelase

“I’ve done so well. We don’t talk about our lives and the things we’ve been through because you feel people don’t need to know your life, except the ones who matter.”


In February 2022, Lerato revealed she was studying towards a post-graduate diploma in business management after completing her communications degree.

Later in the year she enrolled as a master of business administration (MBA) candidate.

“It finally arrived. It is confirmed, I am officially an MBA candidate. Back to the sleepless nights, but I’m strapped up and ready”.

She said she knew the year would not be easy but urged her followers to stay focused on the bigger picture.

“Whatever it is you are trying to achieve, hold on and take it one day at a time. I’m looking forward to this phase of my life and thank you to all lecturers and staff for being welcoming and supportive,” she wrote.


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