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Social Media warns Dr Musa Mthombeni against loving Liesl Laurie publicly

Well-known American television host, producer, actor, and comedian, Steve Harvey is topping the trends on social media after speculations started swirling that his wife Marjorie cheated on him. While Steve has vehemently denied these rumours, social media users have not stopped buzzing.

While some have shared words of appreciation after seeing his posts, others have mocked him for being unable to keep his wife despite having advice for everyone else.

And now social media users are telling local media personality Dr Musa Mthombeni to beware that he too may be embarrassed by his wife Liesl Laurie who he loves loudly and proudly.

Dr Musa Mthombeni warned against loving his wife, Liesl Laurie

People across the world are discussing the rumours surrounding Steve Harvey’s wife Marjorie.

While Steve has assured everyone that the two of them are doing well and that Marjorie didn’t cheat on him, social media users insist that he is covering something up.

They have since started a marriage smear campaign and are now arguing that no one is safe in a relationship.

In fact, many are now calling on former Trending SA host Dr Musa to be careful of loving his beautiful wife Liesl Laurie so loudly because she may too embarrass him one day.

Dr Musa Mthombeni warned against loving his wife, Liesl Laurie

“Stop loving women in public, they will embarrass you. You are next,” one X user told Musa in a now-deleted tweet.

While many agreed, there was an equal amount of people who encouraged Musa to do whatever makes him happy.

“If l was a man and had a beautiful wife like her ….l would show off every chance l get. That woman is freaking gorgeous,” one person said.

Another added:

“It’s okay as long as they don’t come crying here on social media when their things go pear-shaped”


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