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Watch: DJ Sbu speaking on Zahara’s liver problem

A clip of DJ Sbu‘s 2021 interview defending his record label and lambasting Zahara’s statement is trending on social media after the singer’s death on Monday.

DJ Sbu also revealed that Zahara was having liver problems and drinking alcohol and rubbished reports that he took the late musician’s money.

“She was going through the most, nobody was there for her. She was in hospital; she was having liver problems, and the doctors were saying drinking alcohol.”

DJ Sbu

Sowetan reported in 2019 that the late multi-award-winning Afro-pop musician claimed she is owed millions of rands by her former record label, TS Records.

The singer made the allegations against TS Records executives TK Nciza and Sbu Leope, claimed that she was underpaid for her performances.

Kaya 959 previously reported that Sbu opened up about how “keeping up with appearances” cost him severely, in an interview on The Penuel Show.

“I’ve lived that lifestyle, rolling in Porsches, travelling. I’ve driven all these luxury sports cars, and had that life, throwing parties, going out, and dropping money. You know the celebrity life. Back then I was proud about it, but now looking back I realise that I was dumb. When it comes to finances, I’ve fallen and I’ve got myself to blame, no one else.”


Leope also opened up about the poor financial decisions that caused him to overspend in order to live the “celebrity lifestyle” when he was younger.

Speaking about his long list of accolades — which include TV and radio presenting, co-owning record label TS Records, and starting his online radio station called Massiv Metro — DJ Sbu admitted that he made “dumb” financial choices when the money started rolling in and he blames no one else but himself.

“When it comes to finances, I’ve fallen and I’ve got myself to blame and nobody else,” he said.


Here’s what some social media users had to say:

@ChildOfSankara: “Dj Sbu is a fraud who committed an unforgivable act against Zahara being a YouTube scholar won’t change his animal traits, we know it was business for him ripping apart a black woman with a well political connected animal called TK Nciza.”

@Unathi_jam: “DJ Sbu and TK Nciza are shameless ke. They will release all that music kwi digital platforms.”

@bysosa_: “DJ Sbu ruined Zahara’s career, caused her deepest depression and screwed her over so many opportunities, I’m sorry but I get why he’s to blame. Ke masepa net.”

@NtombinaSeleme1: “Sbu knows what he did to Zahara you help her and screw all her hard working because you took an advantage of het a girl from a Village ikarma uzofika kuwe.”

@FsTebza: “It’s gonna be a long week for DJ Sbu and TK Nciza … one thing about Zahara, she loved Sbu, despite their financial disagreements, she still spoke fond of him. I wish they could hv reached an amicable financial solution before this.”


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These lesser-known aspects of Zahara’s life shed light on the intriguing journey of the talented South African musician, unveiling both the triumphs and challenges she has faced along the way. Hailing from East London, Zahara’s birth name is Bulelwa Mkutukana. She grew up as the fourth child in a family of six siblings. Read More

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