Livingstone Hosts A Meeting Of The Commonwealth Games

The regional meeting of the Commonwealth Games Federation for Africa will be held in Livingstone from April 13–14, 2023.

The event, which has drawn participants from all 19 Commonwealth African nations, will be graced by Commonwealth Games Federation President DAME LOUISE MARTINS, according to National Olympics Committee of Zambia Secretary General BONIFACE KAMBIKAMBI.

According to KAMBIKAMBI, Zambia will host the summit for the second time after hosting it once ten years ago.

According to him, Zambia’s strong relationship with the Commonwealth Federation is demonstrated by its willingness to host the gathering.

According to KAMBIKAMBI, organizing the gathering in a popular tourist destination will boost travel inside the Commonwealth of African Nations.

He stated that the gathering would discuss and make plans for the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

KAMBIKAMBI is also It was also disclosed that Zambia’s hosting of the event was advantageous because Zambian MIRRIAM MOYO, the current vice president of the African Commonwealth Games, will serve as the host of the high-level conference.

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