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Actor Sello Maake Ka Ncube ditches lobola negotiations for Pearl

Popular South African actor Sello Maake Ka Ncube faces relationship strain as lobola payment falls through!

In the realm of celebrity relationships, sometimes even the most seemingly solid unions can face unexpected challenges. Such is the case for actor Sello Maake Ka Ncube and his wife Pearl, whose marriage hit a rough patch recently when the actor reportedly backed out of the lobola payment, causing concern for their new relationship.

The incident unfolded over the long weekend when Maake Ka Ncube’s delegation failed to appear at Pearl’s family home in Soweto, where the final leg of the lobola payment was supposed to take place. It seems that the 63-year-old actor had cold feet.

Sello Maake kaNcube

The couple served couple goals posting pictures of them being lovey dovey, sharing romantic pictures and even getting matching tattoos of each other’s names on their wedding fingers to symbolize their commitment. However, trouble seems to be brewing despite their public displays of love. According to a close source, Pearl had left their matrimonial home to prepare for the ceremony, and her family eagerly awaited Maake Ka Ncube’s family, but they never arrived. The source also revealed that the actor is reconsidering his commitment due to concerns from his family and friends.

They believe Pearl’s strong personality and focus may pose difficulties. The source mentioned that Sello still lives with his ex-wife, daughter, grandchildren, and Pearl under the same roof, which adds to the complexity of balancing his family and new marriage. While there is nothing romantic between him and his ex-wife, their shared history possibly contributes to the tension.

Since the incident, Pearl has not returned to their matrimonial home, still harboring anger and embarrassment towards her husband’s actions. Described as beautiful and intelligent, Pearl has been a driving force in reviving Maake Ka Ncube’s brand. She has not only strengthened his image but also ensured his financial success. People close to the actor have expressed concern that Pearl exerts too much control, particularly in financial matters. However, it is crucial to acknowledge her expertise and contribution to his career. Educated, articulate, and skilled in client communication, Pearl possesses qualities that set her apart from other managers and agencies.

Sello Maake KaNcube

It has come to light that the couple had a traditional wedding ceremony two years ago, even though the lobola payment had not been fully completed, which goes against African customs. Pearl, known for her free-spirited nature, did not mind deviating from traditional norms. “They were just excited about being together and didn’t conform to the usual expectations,” shared a source.

When questioned about proceeding with the marriage celebration without the full lobola payment, Pearl stated that she does not owe anyone an explanation. According to her, Maake Ka Ncube’s delegation arrived late, and in their culture, lobola payments are traditionally expected to be made earlier in the day. “I won’t explain myself to anyone. We all have our unique ways of doing things. Mr. Sello and his family did come, but it was already after 5 pm, and according to our customs, we don’t accept lobola payments late,” she added. Maake Ka Ncube was unavailable for comment as Pearl mentioned that he was unwell.

Relationships can face unexpected hurdles, even for public figures. As Sello Maake Ka Ncube and Pearl navigate this challenging situation, it remains to be seen how they will resolve their differences and move forward in their marriage.


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