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Lulu Menziwa named South Africa’s hottest teacher

Lulu Menziwa, named South Africa’s hottest teacher.  Apart from being a school teacher, Lulu is noticed for the way she dresses while in the classroom. While some argued that there is nothing she can do about her striking hourglass figure, others shared that she could wear loose fitting clothes. This time Menziwa – who is famous for her figure-hugging clothes and almost stunning photos – posed in tight brown pleather pants with a bodysuit to match.

Lulu Menziwa

Ever since Lulu Menziwa, a primary school maths teacher showed up online, she has been causing debates around whether the way she carries herself online and dresses at school is at all appropriate. The KwaZulu-Natal educator is known for her luxury lifestyle and sexy dress code, which have courted controversy. Lulu is also known for her many business ventures, which include beauty, skin, and clothing lines.

Lulu Menziwa

Many complimented her on her beauty while sharing jokes about how her curves must be a big distraction. Even Americans were in the comment section discussing the beauty of African women.

“If my maths teacher was like this, I would have become Pythagoras,” one person wrote while another added: If that’s an average math teacher in South Africa why the hell am I still in America.

In other news – Vusi Nova inherits Zahara’s guitar collection

Vusi Nova plays the late Zahara’s guitar. Vusi Nova receives the late Zahara’s guitar and her collection. The singer died in December after being admitted to a private hospital for weeks due to liver complications.

Vusi Nova and Zahara

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