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Lynn Forbes clears the air about Kairo Forbes’ performance

Lynn Forbes clears the air about Kairo Forbes’ performance at Joburg Day. A tribute show was hosted at the event in honour of the late Kiernan “AKA” Forbes. Supa Mega’s band performed at the show; Kairo also performed her father’s songs on stage alone.

The 8- year-old was later joined by family and friends on stage.  However, South Africans debated over Kairo’s stage performance, as some people presumed her family made the young girl to perform on stage.

Lynn Forbes

“We are never gonna agree on this one my friend, so let’s agree to disagree. She’s only 8 I don’t believe she walked up to them and said “hey…. I want to perform at joburg day”, so regardless it will never sit well with me and that’s just me,” a tweep wrote. Lynn addressed the controversy by clearing the air.

Kairo Forbes

“Kairo didn’t say, “ I WANT to perform at Joburg Day” She said, “ I’m GOING TO perform at Joburg Day. I don’t want anyone to go on stage with me. I’m going to sing my daddy’s voice, by myself.”  It sat well with her, She cried. She is very proud of herself. No one forced her,” AKA’s mom wrote.

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David Beckham surprised his pal Marc Anthony at Hollywood’s Walk of Fame ceremony where he gave a super emotional speech. The former soccer player didn’t show his face until just before the singer’s star was revealed on the most famous strip of sidewalk of Los Angeles.

David Beckham

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