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Makhadzi runs out of English – Video

Mzansi musician Makhadzi always has a way of leaving her fans entertained. Her vibrant personality and out-of-this-world dancing skills are just some of the reasons she is so popular among music lovers. One huge reason is the fact that she is unapologetically authentic and knows how to laugh at herself.

She recently left many laughing after promoting her upcoming gig on X. While promoting the event, her “English bundles” suddenly depleted but she quickly corrected herself.


South African musician Makhadzi always leaves fans in stitches.

When she isn’t doing bizarre dance moves on stage, she is wearing Beyonce-inspired costumes that just fall short of expectations.

Her humble beginnings and rise to stardom has always gained her a special place in the hearts of millions.


She recently left her fans giggling after she headed online to promote an upcoming event.

In the video, she urges fans to drive all the way to come and watch her but instead of saying all the way, she says, “you must drive all along.”


In the comment section, many shared jokes about her English while adding that it isn’t her home language so she shouldn’t be judged.

“English is not a serious language 🤣 we don’t care about that thing as long as we understand each other,” one person said while another wrote:

“English is just a language and it’s not our mother’s tongue. It really doesn’t matter how you speak it, especially if speaking it has nothing to do with your bread!.”

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