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Video: Makhadzi responds to those calling her UGLY

Popular Mzansi singer Makhadzi has expressed her frustration with some people on social media saying that she is ugly and others who keep DMing her, sympathizing with her regarding the nasty troll claims as seen in a clip posted on Sunday, 14 January via X (the social media platform previously known as Twitter).

She is self-assured and living in her truth. When her haters try to put her down, they seemingly have no effect on her, especially when it comes to her appearance. She recently expressed that she has been trolled based on her looks and said she is sick and tired of the sympathy DMs she has been getting on social media.


“There are people sending me DMs saying ‘Makhadzi, I am so sorry’. Okay guys, I appreciate the DMs, but you don’t have to feel sorry for someone saying that I’m ugly. It doesn’t even do anything to me, but I am just tired of you telling me because you have been saying it everyday,” she said.

The 27-year-old Murahu hitmaker could not be bothered by the trolls. She said that the ones who truly know and love her, know that she has accepted herself for how she is.


“It’s people with fake accounts. I am not talking about my fans. My fans know that I love myself. And if you really love me, you can tell. You can tell that this person really loves herself like that and has accepted herself,” she added.

Makhadzi said her beauty starts from within and shared that she doesn’t even see what her haters are hating on. “My fans don’t see this ugliness that you are talking about. Even me too. Even my boyfriend becomes shocked [be]cause they don’t see that. All they see is a beautiful lady in me. They also see the humanity in me and it makes me more beautiful to them.


Unfortunately, it is not the first time Makhadzi had to defend her looks on social media. According to TshisaLIVE, in 2021, the award winning singer had her defence force (fans and celebrity friends) stopping trolls left, right and centre for cyber-bullying the singer. This comes after the singer’s age was revealed on X, leaving many of her haters in disbelief following seeing her in a photo.


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