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MaCele & MaKhumalo Mseleku speak on their new show about marriages

South African reality stars Busisiwe MaCele Mseleku and Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku have landed another TV gig.

They will be hosting a brand new show called Ezomshado noMaCele noThobile.

“The show will start in January next year and it will probably have no less than 10 episodes. The show is commissioned by Mzansi Magic,” MaKhumalo told the publication.

She said the show is strictly for married couples and those who have already shown commitment to each other.

MaCele & MaKhumalo Mseleku

“This show is not for dating couples. It is strictly for married people or couples who are already in the process of getting married. The show deals with marriage problems or issues that you many encounter in the process of getting married. We will be bringing experts from different fields to come and assist these couples. For example if we are dealing with financial issue, we will bring a finance expert to try and resolve that issue,” she explained.

She said the show is different from their previous show, Igumbi lamakhosikazi.

“The format is very different because in some instances, we will actually visit the families of these couples and interview everyone who’s involved. This means we will not just take their problem and run with it. So we will actually do background checks and verify each and every detail on the couples. Thereafter we will meet and host the couples. This means viewers at home will get to see the couples and our experts. Our aim is to be as transparent as much as possible,” she said.

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According to MaKhumalo, the purpose of the show is build society.

“The purpose of this show is to bring back the moral fibre to society. Our kids are broken merely because our own families are bleeding. But if we can fix our homes, our society can be healed,” she said.

Mzansi Magic confirmed the show but said “the exact details were not available,”


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