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Mali Welcomes Russian Foreign Minister for Discussions

Sergei Lavrov, the foreign minister of Russia, has arrived in Mali to meet with the country’s military leadership.

On arrival, Mr. Lavrov, who was in Iraq on Monday, was greeted by his colleague Abdoulaye Diop. He did not address the media.

Assimi Gota, the nation’s acting president, and the foreign affairs minister are both expected to speak with the Russian minister.

The two sides will address matters of cooperation, including military relations and the delivery of Russian grain, fertilizer, and oil goods to Mali, according to the Russian news outlet Tass.

The discussions will also include topics including the conflict in Ukraine and fighting terrorism in the Sahel.

Mr. Lavrov visited South Africa, Angola, Eswatini, and Eritrea in January before making his second journey to Africa in two weeks.

Since the Wagner Group’s mercenaries were sent to Mali in December 2021, Russian influence there has progressively grown.

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