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390 Death Row Inmates Are Transmitted to Life by HH

President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA commuted the death sentences of 390 inmates to life in prison.

According to Home Affairs Minister JACK MWIIMBU, the President has acted in accordance with Article 97 of the Zambian Constitution.

Mr. MWIIMBU further stressed that no court is anticipated to impose the death sentence in light of President HICHILEMA’s decision to abolish it last year.

He mentioned this today in Lusaka at a press conference.

Following his consent to the Penal Code Amendment Bill Number 25 of 2022, President HICHILEMA abolished the death sentence in December of last year.

Although the death penalty was recently abolished, inmates who were sentenced to death before that time are still eligible for presidential pardons because the legislation is never applied retroactively.

Mr. MWIMBU has disclosed that changes to the public order are progressing in the meantime.

He claimed that this is consistent with the UPND Administration’s determination to change all repressive legal measures and repeal outdated legislation.

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