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Mark Pilgrim retweets as death confirmed as fake news: I’m ALIVE

Reports of radio presenter Mark Pilgrim’s ‘death’ spread like wildfire late on Thursday evening, but have subsequently been confirmed as fake news. As extensively reported by The South African website, Pilgrim has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, which he revealed in June 2022 had spread to his femur, the base of his spine and lymph nodes.

As it turns out, coincidently, the death of another person called Mark Pilgrim in the United States had Twitter assuming the worst for the beloved South African DJ. The 53-year-old’s Hot102.7fm employers confirmed he was very much alive – and Pilgrim himself (we can assume it was him) retweeted a response to the confirmation he had not passed away.

Mark Pilgrim

Pilgrim has provided regular social media health updates to his followers in his ongoing battle against the dreaded disease.

In his most recent post last Sunday, the Hot102.7fm radio DJ shared with his Twitter and Instagram followers that his family had had “a surprise visit from Golden Rescue SA”.

Source: .thesouthafrican

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