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Mark Pilgrim’s fiancée speaks about their life together and his last days

It’s been six long weeks since beloved radio and TV personality Mark Pilgrim passed. But for fiancée Adrienne Watkins, the pain of each passing day gets worse. The Hot 102.7 FM presenter lost his battle with stage four lung cancer last month. He was 53 years old. In a recent Instagram post, Adrienne Watkins poured her heart out over her pain of losing Mark Pilgrim.

The Johannesburg consultant shared a picture taken by Mark of his kitchen. She captioned it: “You took this photo of the doggies waiting for me at the door when I went for a run, a year and a bit ago, and sent it to me, reminding me how much I am loved. Today this is me…..Staring at the door and waiting… waiting for you, my baby.

Unlike the famous phrase, time is not healing Adrienne’s broken heart. She continued: “My heart breaks a little more every day with the realisation that you are not coming home….and that the time and distance between us is growing….and knowing that I will spend my whole life waiting for you.

Mark Pilgrim

She added: “I am surrounded by friends and family and love, and while I’m not alone, I have never in my life felt so lonely. The only person I want more than anything is my human – You. I miss you more and more with every passing day and wish more than anything you’d come home to me. Mark Pilgrim may have soared to career heights during his successful stint as a radio and TV personality and businessman, but according to his Adrienne, he died with one last unfulfilled wish.

Mark’s partner – whom proposed to on New Year’s Day 2023 – shared his bittersweet final goal which involved his two daughters Tayla-Jean and Alyssa.

Mark Pilgrim

Speaking to the intimate crowd at his memorial service last month, Adrienne Watkins said: “I’m so very sorry you were not given the time you deserved to see out your one, final wish: to walk the girls down the aisle. But I know that on that day you will be with them, giving them butterfly kisses and holding their hands tight”.

Adrienne – who works for a consulting firm in Johannesburg – began dating Mark shortly after his divorce from wife Nicole Torres in 2020. During his 13 year marriage to Torres, Mark fathered two daughters: Tayla-Jean and Alyssa. Adrienne then went on to describe their romance as “something out of a famous movie.”

She continued: “From the beginning, I knew this was the love I had been waiting for. You are what fairytales are made of…what I’ve always dreamt of. I will never stop loving you, my best friend, my soulmate, my hero.

Source: Mark Pilgrim

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