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Marketers in Luapula Gain From CEEC Loans

The K6 million that the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission -CEEC has distributed to traders under the Marketeers’ Booster Loans that President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA recently introduced has benefited over 3,700 marketeers in the province of Luapula.

The money has already been received by the marketeers, according to MICHELO MUKATA, the CEEC’s Public Relations Officer, and they have invested it in their companies.

The majority of the marketeers, according to Mr. MUKATA, are women who each earned an average of K2,000 to grow their enterprises.

Mr. MUKATA said the commission aims to make sure that marketeers build their companies and take care of their families in an interview after a team of CEEC officials educated marketeers at Maiteneke, Senama, and UB Markets in Mansa this afternoon.

Additionally, a number of marketeers who obtained Maiteneke Market’s booster loans are pleased that the loans have no interest and are simple to repay.

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