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Reason why Londie London’s marriage failed

South African reality TV star and singer, Londie London has finally opened up about the end of her marriage to businessman Hlubi Nkosi.

Londie made headlines when she went head-to-head with a stranger on the Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) that aired last week — and this week was no different.

This time tweeps embraced Londie with warm messages wishing her well after she broke down in the episode.

The “stranger’, private chef Sane, arrived at Sorisha Naidoo’s launch uninvited and rocked the ladies and fans as she immediately started spitting fire.

Londie London

A teary Londie finally opened up about what happened.

“A lot happened even before then, the support was not there like from the dad and stuff. Throughout that whole pregnancy I was alone.

“I get emotional because I never imagined myself being a single parent of two. In terms of those cheating allegations, I don’t know the girls, she was not part of why we broke up. I don’t recall there being a pregnant side chick.”

Londie said she considered going back to her marital home but when she did, it got worse.

Londie London

“I’ve been through a lot, people don’t even know the stuff that I had to put up with so… I won’t go back again. I feel like he wasn’t honest with what he wants. He doesn’t care about the children. When I look at my children that’s the part that hurts the most.”

The mom of two said reports that she was broke were fake and pleaded with people to stop spreading the news.

“I am human too and I also have emotions. I’d like to plead with everyone to stop spreading fake news as it causes a lot of damage to me and my family,” she shared.

Londie and her ex-husband split in 2022.


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