Mikel Arteta plays down Arsenal’s title hopes

Despite a seven-point lead at the start of the year, Mikel Arteta plays down Arsenal's title hopes.

Despite finishing 2022 seven points clear of the competition at the top of the table, Arsenal has downplayed their chances of winning the Premier League.

On New Year’s Eve at Brighton, the Gunners defeated the Seagulls 4-2 to increase their advantage over Manchester City.

However, Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal, claimed that his team still has potential for development after a stumble when leading 3-0.

If Arsenal falters, he claimed, the lead at the top of the standings “means nothing” and “our sole priority is again to improve.”

Arsenal hasn’t won the Premier League since 2004, but they are in prime position to win what would be the club’s 14th league championship just after Arteta’s third anniversary as manager.

Arsenal was encouraged going into the final Premier League match of 2022 knowing City had been tied 1-1 by Everton earlier in the day.

We already knew the outcome, but Arteta told BBC Sport that the important thing now is to come here and win. To do that, he said, “we have to perform at the top level in this league.”

We had to put up a strong performance to defeat a very talented Brighton team. We also had to dig in.

Arteta claimed that his team still needed to “improve a lot of things,” particularly on defense.

This season, Arsenal and City have each played 16 games. In 2021–22, the Gunners were 12 points behind City at the same point.

Bukayo Saka, a forward, told Sky Sports that their situation “sounds wonderful.” “If you asked us if we wanted this at the beginning of the season, we would bite your hand off.

“We are quite pleased.”

With a goal just 66 seconds into the game, Saka gave Arsenal the perfect start. Despite this, the England international was certain that his squad was not planning too far ahead at this point in the season.

He continued, “It’s a tremendous opportunity and a great position we’ve put ourselves in. “That is not our current area of concentration. Since we are aware of how well Newcastle has been playing, we are concentrating on the upcoming contest.

On Tuesday, the third-placed Magpies will travel to the Emirates.

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