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Things had not been fine for the 32-year-old actress and personality Minnie Dlamini as she confirmed her sickness and went public to seek medication.

Minnie saw herself trending a few days after a MacG’s old video resurfaced. MacG said that Minnie is an It girl and no one who knows them will ever date them. He claimed they only date for money, and the actual street guys now know them.

Indeed, that may be a little harsh from MacG, but it is his opinion anyway. Unfortunately, Minnie Dlamini has fallen sick and is now publicly seeking medication. Whether or not Minnie is a girl, a time of sickness is not an easy time for everyone, and we wish her a speedy recovery. Probably even MacG himself still wishes her a speedy recovery.

Minnie Dlamini

Indeed, when celebs fall unexpectedly, taking one’s sickness may not be the right thing for everyone. Without taking much, here is Minnie Dlamini’s confession to her sickness and her need for medication.

Sharing it on her Instagram status, Minnie remembers the last time she felt this sick was when she had Covid. Knowing how much Covid affected people, we can understand how the beautiful model feels.

Minnie Dlamini

She has a strong Flu that is making her so down and in need of a severe concussion. Here is Minnie Dlamini’s post about her sickness and how much she needs medication. The last time l remember being this sick was in when l had Covid, And my kid wants his mama so what must happen? This Flu season has no timing yazi??!!! What Flu concoction do you swear by for quick recovery?

In a viral video circulated on Twitter, Minnie opened up about her marriage with Jones, citing how they handled their divorce. She said they went through divorce procedures well before announcing the matter to the public.

She also highlighted how she felt dragged down by her marriage. Indeed Minnie Dlamini is an open person nowadays, both regarding her failed marriage and her sickness. We hope that Minnie Dlamini will get the perfect medication for her condition.

Source: thesouthafrican

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After gripping viewers with compelling and emotionally resonant plots, M-Net has announced that it will bid farewell to its beloved telenovela – Mzansi Magic’s Gomora. The series reaches its conclusion in October 2023 as M-Net strives to keep abreast of changing consumer viewership preferences.


The show, which broke viewership records just a month after it premiered on the channel almost three years ago, will air its final season to conclude its storylines – with Gomora season 4 premiering on 24 April at 19:30 and its final episode on 20 October 2023. Learn more

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