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Somizi’s ex-hubby, Mohale speaks on finding love and getting married again

After the dissolution of his marriage to well-known host, actor, and businessman, Somizi Mhlongo, Mohale Motaung has expressed his belief in love and his openness to the idea of remarriage. The actor, reality TV star, and businessman, who garnered attention with his highly publicized wedding in 2020, revealed that despite the heartbreak, he has not given up on marriage.

Addressing rumors of his engagement, Mohale clarified that they were false and emphasized that he is currently focused on his healing process after the end of his marriage. While he acknowledged that many people have expressed interest in pursuing a relationship with him, he expressed his intention to wait for the right person before considering marriage again.

“I still believe in love and marriage, I heard people spreading lies that I’m engaged, and I was surprised to hear that.

“I’m not engaged. I’m recovering after may marriage and many people are just persuading me to be in a relationship with them but I will wait for the right one and get married again,”he said.


In addition to his personal life, Mohale shared updates on his upcoming events and business ventures. He extended an invitation for people to join him at Jackson Lifestyle in Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal, on Saturday, November 25th, where they could enjoy his company and have a good time.

“I’m inviting people to join me at Jackson Lifestyle in Ladysmith and have fun with me.

“I’m happy that things are going well and I’m achieving many things I wanted to achieve like opening my own lounge called Fission Cocktail Lounge in Melville in Joburg,” He said.


Mohale expressed his happiness regarding his achievements, mentioning the opening of his own lounge called Fission Cocktail Lounge in the Melville area of Johannesburg. With aspirations of establishing himself as a successful entrepreneur, he expressed his satisfaction with the progress he has made thus far.

Regarding his acting career, Mohale revealed that he has temporarily put it on hold. He acknowledged facing criticism in the past, with some attributing his roles to his association with Somizi.

However, he emphasized his desire to establish himself as a respected businessperson and intends to focus on his entrepreneurial endeavors.


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