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Monique Muller exposes baby daddy Katlego Maboe again

Controversial South African television presenter, Katlego Maboe is once again trending over a different scandal involving his ex Monique Muller. Heading online, she accused Katlego of refusing to pay his child’s school fees and “economically abusing” her.

In her lengthy post, she slams the Deal or No Deal presenter inadvertently while also snubbing his fans who have shown him support ever since his infidelity came to light two years ago.

Those same fans appear to still have his back and have again slammed Monique for what they say is a smear campaign against Katlego.

Monique Muller

Monique Muller stirred drama on the timeline today after she took to Instagram to throw what appears to be shade at her ex-boyfriend Katlego Maboe of refusing to pay their son’s school fees.

“It really be the celebs y’all fight for… that pleads poverty when it comes to taking care of their kids. And literally willing to let their child go without education. But plays ‘Father of the Year’”.

“Maybe Deal or No Deal can donate some funds there. I can forward the school’s banking details. Or are his fans willing to donate?” she also added.

The pair have been at loggerheads since their messy split in 2020 which was a result of Katlego cheating on Monique and allegedly infecting her with an STI.

Taking to Instagram, Katlego confessed to the infidelity and was subsequently “cancelled”. Later on, his fans banded together to show him support and he was once again bagging gigs.

katlego maboe

It would appear those same fans still have his back and have resorted to bashing Monique over the school fee allegations.

Many of them have accused her of holding a grudge and purposefully trying to taint his image.

“Wow sometimes love can either make or brake you. So katlego as his finding his feet again she wants to drag him again. Let him rest,” one person wrote while another said:

“She’s really out to get him”.

“The only thing she needs to do is to get a life and move on,why can’t he leave this guy alone after she tried everything to bring him down,” a third wrote.


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