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Moonchild Sanelly on being r@ped

South African singer and songwriter Moonchild Sanelly has opened up about her rape ordeal following Twitter trolls sl*t shaming her. The Yebo Teacher hit-maker found herself caught in a Twitter frenzy with tweeps criticizing her revealing clothing.

The situation between Moonchild Sanelly and Twitter trolls took new heights as the singer has been compelled to open up about her rape ordeal. This comes after tweeps have been breathing fire down Moonchild Sanelly’s revealing pictures she posted last night when she was conveying a goodnight message to her fans.

Moonchild Sanelly

“So sad to think I’ve never been raped half n@ked but in tracksuits in my own home!!! Stop being stupid! And Mina I’m myself! Deal with that or leave me alone with ur kak opinions about my body MINGQUNDU! Fuuuuuuuuuck” wrote Moonchild Sanelly

It all started when Moonchild Sanelly posted semi n#des photos and it was a slippery slope thereafter as one tweep sub-tweeted the singer asking to see her b00bs. The drama continued today as the Makhe hit-maker continues to defend herself from sl*t shamming comments.

“Good night boobeams” wrote Moonchild Sanelly

The very same semi-n#des pictures then sparked a robust exchange where more tweeps came into play, slamming and sl*t shaming Moonchild Sanelly. One response from Sanelly where she was politely addressing one troll who asked to see her boobs, was all it took for things to go pear shape.

“One day when u have a daughter and someone tells her that Let me know how it felt” wrote Moonchiild Sanelly

One response from Moonchild Sanelly about young r*pists, from a picture posted by another tweep was all it really took for more tweeps to come for her blood.

Such young rapists” wrote Moonchild Sanelly

Another tweep went on to claim that Moonchild Sanelly does not respect her body. From there and then a point of return was already crossed as Moonchild Sanelly proceeded to open up about having been r*aped in the past. While trying to justify that r*pe can occur even if one is dressed up in tracksuits.

“Yabona @Moonsanelly awuhloniphi umzimba wakho, worse uyi example ezinganeni zamantombazane , ireal life asiyo isofeminist” wrote Mr Mingus


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