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Mozambican pastor dies after 25 days of fasting trying to beat Jesus record

A Mozambican pastor has died after fasting for 40 days trying to reach the record reached by Jesus on the biblical Mount of Olives.

The death of Francisco Barajah, the pastor and founder of the Santa Trindade Evangelical Church in the central province of Manica, was confirmed on Wednesday.

He died while being treated at hospital in Beira where he was evacuated in critical condition. After 25 days of  fasting, he had lost a lot of weight to a point where he could not stand up, bathe or walk.

Days later, at the insistence of relatives and believers, he was taken to a hospital but attempts to get him back to health were unsuccessful.

Believers at his church and his neighbours have been unsurprised at the turn of events, due to his extreme weight loss and disfigured body frame in recent days.

In other news – Police confirm AKA was assassinated

South African rapper, AKA real name, Kiernan Jared Forbes has been confirmed to be assassinated. On Friday, 10th of February the rapper was shot dead on Florida road, Durban; his friend, Tibz who was with the rapper was also shot and killed.

The CCTV footage of how Kiernan was killed was shared on social media and it birthed lots of reviews from internet detectives. Learn More

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