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Mtolo Advises Millers About Smuggling Mealie Meal

REUBEN MTOLO, the minister of agriculture, has issued a warning that the government will cut off the supply of maize to any miller detected smuggling mealie meal.
According to Mr. MTOLO, the government lowers the price of maize to millers so that there is enough mealie meal for the local market.

After visiting Kwacha Milling Limited, which receives maize from FRA, the Minister made this statement in an interview in Chipata.

The flow of mealie meal from Lusaka to other locations needs to be restricted, according to Agency Board Chairperson KELVIN HAMBWEZYA, as doing otherwise will encourage the smuggling of the product.

As a result of being able to manufacture enough mealie meal, Kwacha Milling General Manager SALIM MITHA praised the government for providing maize to the facility.

The managing director of Rainbow Milling, AIYUB PATEL, called on the government to enact stricter regulations to prevent the smuggling of mealie meal.

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