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Mubanga Advises Children And Women To Create Their Own Opportunities

ELIAS MUBANGA, minister of small and medium enterprises, has advised young people and women to be creative and find work for themselves rather than waiting to be employed.

According to Mr. MUBANGA, people should adopt the perspective that they can create opportunities rather than waiting for them to come to them.
He reiterated the government’s dedication to helping small businesses flourish as they contribute to the expansion of the economy.

Additionally, he has pushed women to seize opportunities like marketeers boosting since they help them grow their enterprises.
Speaking today while touring a few commercial buildings in Lusaka, Mr. MUBANGA.

He claims he is pleased to learn that some women and young people are working to make jobs for both themselves and others.

And HARRISON MUSONDA, the CEO of the recycling company Recyclemenia, has urged other young people not to squander time partaking in negative activities but rather to use the time for constructive activity.

In the meantime, MAX JUMPU, the director of Kamusha Farm, has asked the Ministry to help him acquire a tractor to make life easier at the farm.
And VICTOR SEKELETI, the director of Vicseki Farm, has urged other young people to try farming because it is a reliable source of income.

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