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Watch – Kairo Forbes serves dinner for Murdah Bongz’s family

Late South African rapper, AKA’s daughter Kairo Forbes has shown the world how cute and grown up she is as she serves family dinner.

It’s been a few difficult weeks for Kairo Forbes, DJ Zinhle, and everyone close to AKA since got shot in the street. Once the news that AKA was dead broke out, many fans looked at his daughter Kairo to see how she would cope. Indeed, Kairo Forbes may be too young to feel the natural gravity of losing a father, but she was affected.

Kairo Forbes

Thank God she still has her mother, DJ Zinhle and stepdad Murdah Bongz who have been taking good care of her. She has shown outstanding skills in playing the piano and even singing. She has given a little hope that she will become a prominent artist like her mother and father major artist.

This time, Kairo Forbes served food to DJ Zinhle and her young baby.

DJ Zinhle and Murdah

After bringing in the dinner, DJ Zinhle could not have enough words to say to her daughter. She thanked her several times as she continued making sure that the spread was well served.

Thanking her daughter, DJ Zinhle said to Kairo:

So.. thank you baby, thank you my love, thank you Kairo

Indeed, Kairo is growing so fast, and in a few years, she will be a fully grown girl ready to express her talents. Serving the family dinner is indeed the basics every woman should be able to do.

It now seemed that she could do most of her house chores and even start to make baby steps in the music industry. What an excellent video, Kairo Forbes serving food to Murdar Bongz’s family.


Indeed, it feels like yesterday when DJ Zinhle and AKA welcomed Kairo to the world of the living. However, she is showing few signs of growing up and is good at them. Since she can now serve food to the family, only good things will come to the family.

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