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Video: Musa Khawula allegedly assaulted inside a tavern

Controversial South African blogger Musa Khawula was allegedly assaulted whilst on Instagram Live.

Musa Khawula was assaulted whilst partying with his friends at a local tavern.

Things turned nasty when an unknown person lunged at Khawula, repeatedly assaulting the controversial blogger.

Musa Khawula

Those who had joined his Instagram live could hear the jabs and slaps. Followers quickly weighed into the comment section, trying to connect the dots if Musa Khawula was ok.

In the wake of the incident, a viral video has surfaced and hardly shows much of a brawl.

However, little is known what the motive behind the attack was. This is not the first time he has had club or tavern woes.

According to Savanna News, he was kicked out of an upscale Sandton club Monarch last year. According to the rumour mill, the club is best known for hosting A-list celebrities, and the management thought Khawula threatened their client’s privacy.

The controversial blogger has often made content from spotting celebrities whilst out and partying. After being kicked out of the upscale nightclub, Musa Khawula tweeted:

Can’t even go drink a little bit, not me getting found out at Monarch and being kicked out for no reason, lol.”

Musa Khawula was once involved in a public brawl with media personality Moshe Ndiki. The incident happened when the two bumped into each other whilst out in Johannesburg.

Prior to the incident, Khawula had taken a swipe at Moshe Ndiki’s newly adopted dog and his relationship with Phelo Bala.

The brawl later saw Khawula reporting Ndiki to the police. Since then, little has been known about what happened to the case.


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