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Social media warns for Musa Khawula

Mzansi’s controversial entertainment blogger Musa Khawula shared a video showing slain rapper, AKA real name Kiernan Jarryd Forbes’ father Tony partying with a group of youngsters. The video’s caption got social media followers riled up after the blogger dragged the late rapper’s father and the entire family.

You’d think someone going through some of the things Musa Khawula is going through, would at least try to keep a squeaky-clean image and maneuver under the radar, but he clearly is unfazed.

On 8 March, the Pope of Culture presenter appeared at Vredenburg Regional Magistrate court where a pre-trail conference was supposed to take place following being accused of fatally stabbing his ex-boyfriend Wandile Khambule in 2022, Daily Sun reported.

Musa Khawula

Instead, just over the past weekend, Khawula made headlines after he shared a picture of himself with a huge bump on his forehead and claimed that beauty influencer, Mihlali Ndamase had beaten him up at her boyfriend’s office.

Khawula had previously accused the beauty influencer of being a homewrecker and also started a petition in an attempt to have brands working with Ndamase drop her, TimesLIVE reported. In a post shared on his feed on Monday, Khawula has now attacked AKA’s father and his family and insinuated that after the rapper died, his family has been clout chasing.


“AKA father Tony Forbes at a funky house party in Cape Town. Everyone in the family has turned to be an influencer ke sana,” Khawula wrote.

After seeing the blogger’s post, netizens were unimpressed with his latest comment and warned him to have some respect. South Africans urged him to steer away from involving families and parents when blogging about the celebs. However, Khawula has ignored his social media followers and proved to be absolutely unbothered by their opinions.


This is what people had to say:

“This is why you got the beatings 🚮🚮leave parents alone worse you know what they are dealing with,” @tia_duu commented.

“Musa you are such a shitty person bruh, more beatings are coming your way, you are sooo bitter it hurts😮‍💨🙄,” @khardie_mdekazi wrote.

“You think everything is funny, your disgusting 🤮… We know you love attention but have limits,” @gemini_nuna said.

“Uncle Tony isn’t Mihlali, he’s going to beat you tfu when it comes to his family ke sana,” @trish_huma replied.

“Khuzeka [Have some shame]! Don’t be mean. Myeke o tata athi [Leave the dad to] flourish,” @wendy_mash_2.0 said.

“You are still going to get beaten you know yhooo,” @asivesomana replied.

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