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Mweru boating accident death toll rises to six

Four more bodies have been found after a watercraft accident on Lake Mweru in the province of Luapula, which left two people confirmed dead and 12 people missing.

On Lake Mweru in the Nchelenge area of Luapula province, police announced yesterday that two people—among them a coxswain—had died while 12 others were unaccounted for and were presumed dead.

The deceased were on a boat with 32 persons on board that sank in Lake Mweru today between 6:00 and 8:00.

Six people have now died as a result, according to police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale, who also confirmed that four more bodies have been found.

“Four more bodies have been retrieved. Two adult females and two children (a boy and a girl). Details will be availed in due course. Total number of persons retrieved so far is six,” he said.

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