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Nadia Nakai on meeting her father for the first time after 33 years

Well-known Zimbabwean-South African rapper and television personality, Nadia Nakai has been topping trends in the backdrop of her podcast interview with Zingah on Choppin It With Budha T.

During the trending session, she spoke about her controversial BET Award nomination and the private life she has always kept under wraps.

Nakai revealed that she had to change her country of representation from Zimbabwe to South Africa because she has had her career in South Africa despite having Zimbabwean roots.

Nadia Nakai

Nadia Nakai, who has since become one of the most celebrated hip hop stars, has it that it’s unfair to be recognized and nominated as a Zimbabwean star, yet she has a career in South Africa.

The bubbly rap goddess also spoke about her private life during the interview. She revealed that she recently met her father for the first time after three decades.

Nadia Nakai said she met her father for the first time after 33 years: “I actually met him recently, after 33 years.”

Nadia Nakai

“It was actually a good meeting, it was wholesome, it was nice I didn’t have like anger or anything because i feel like i lived a good life with my mom. She raised me well, so i dont feel like i was loosing anything.”

Over the years, she has gushed over her mother leaving many trying to connect the dots on her father. During the interview, she revealed that her father lives in Canada.

The rapper made it known that she has been visiting her relatives over the months in a bid to find herself. The award-winning musician even made it known that she has been to Zimbabwe.


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