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Nalumango Appeals To Businesses To Support Floodstrike Victims

According to vice president MUTALE NALUMANGO, infrastructure, livestock, and food supplies have all been affected negatively by the flash flood disaster.

Mrs. NALUMANGO has urged business to support government efforts to repair bridges, build schools, and provide other necessities in impacted areas.

The Vice President made this statement after receiving a donation from Trade Kings Foundation for flood victims in the amount of roughly one million kwacha.

Also, Ms. NALUMANGO asked locals not to construct in impromptu locations, claiming that floods in Lusaka are caused by clogged waterways.

LUX SUBRAMANIAN, general manager of Trade Kings Group, said the Foundation made the decision to support the government’s efforts to lessen the damage and destruction brought on by floods, particularly in the Eastern and Southern Provinces.

Moreover, DMMU National Coordinator GABRIEL POLLEN stated that such participation in times of need is a sign of the government and private sector’s cooperation.

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