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Natasha Thahane opens up about her racism experience in America

Natasha Thahane

Natasha Thahane first made her appearance on Skeem Saam where she imprinted her name as one of South Africa’s favourite actresses. She moved onto The Queen but paused her acting career to further pursue her studies at the New York Film Academy.

Natasha Thahane

The star had opened up to DJ Fresh on Metro FM about the support she had received from the school when she got homesick however she only recently touched on her experience with racism in the States. During an interview with Drum Magazine she shared about the judgement and racism she received once she shared that she was from Africa.

Natasha thahane

“It wasn’t long before I began experiencing racism when people found out I was from Africa. They made comments about my hair, the way I looked. One lady even moved when I came to sit next to her on the subway.”

Although that was a difficult experience Natasha mentioned how that it was not the worst part. Living with her Russian roommate brought by more challenges as her roommate had not interacted with black people before and often sanitised everything that the actress touched.

“She wasn’t used to interacting with black people. She would often sanitise anything I had touched. I became tired of it and confronted her,” she shared.

Natasha however did not let this stop her progress as the star graduated from the academy.

Natasha Thahane

The actress is back in South Africa and is already making big moves. She recently took to social media to announce her new role on local series Lock Down:

“MEET KATLEGO. I’m both thrilled & humbled to announce that I’ve joined the cast of LOCKDOWN, SEASON 4!! This means that I get to work alongside some of the best in the country, actors I’ve admired for the longest time,” she shared.

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