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New MOSI LIGHT from Mosi Premium Lager keeps the good vibes coming!

Mosi Premium Lager, Zambia’s most popular beer, presents a brand-new invention, Mosi Light, to keep the good times rolling for even longer. This brand-new beer is less bitter, extremely refreshing, and easy to drink. It also contains no added sugar. A satisfying “feel good” beer that leaves you wanting more. What more could you want for when you have a beer that is delicious and easy to drink?

As DJs, influencers, and media figures gathered to experience the laka vibes that Mosi Light has to offer, the exciting and vivacious brand was introduced in style. The enjoyable atmosphere was maintained by Zambian Breweries’ spectacular launch celebration.Thelma Kaonga, Country Head of Marketing for Zambian Breweries, stated that the company was “delighted to introduce yet another quality beer to the market, an interesting twist to the Mosi Premium Lager beer, the Mosi Light is served in a 330ml returnable bottle and caters to our consumers who prefer an easy-drinking beer for the easy-going times.” Zambian Breweries has consistently provided Mosi Premium Lager enthusiasts with chic and cutting-edge updates to the beloved national beer.

The launch of Mosi Light coincides with the nation’s intense anticipation for the Mosi Day of Thunder (DOT), the largest music event in Zambia. In Livingstone, Zambia’s tourism city, the music festival gathers together Mosi enthusiasts for a thrilling day of music. The thunderous Mosi-O-Tunya Falls, located in the city of Livingstone, is the site of the Mosi DOT festival, which attracts the most Mosi enthusiasts and features concerts by local artists. With the availability of Mosi Light, festival goers now have the choice of a lighter beer that will prolong their enjoyment and experience.

Use the hashtags #MosiLight and #KeepVibesLaka to find more information about Mosi Light on the social media accounts for Mosi Premium Lager.

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