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Nkandu: Youths Need Skills In Digital For A Success

For young people to compete and succeed in the digital age, according to Youth, Sport, and Arts Minister ELVIS NKANDU, it is important to invest in digital skills.

More than one third of the population, according to Mr. Nkandu, is under the age of 30, and having digital skills will help young people be more employable and entrepreneurial.

Mr. NKANDU said the MTN Digital Skills Academy will address the growing demand for technological innovation across all industries and the need for workers to be proficient in digital technology.

CHILUNGU SIMUKOKO, a Trustee on the MTN Zambia Foundation Board, stated that the organization has always believed in the potential of education.

Through the programs it offers on the platform, Ms. SIMUKOKO stated that the academy intends to provide career assistance, digital skills, and job placement among other things.

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