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Ntando Duma finds love

Well-known Mzansi actress and singer, Ntando Duma says she is happily in love as she has found a partner who practises good communication in their relationship.

This after a video of Bontle Moloi, née Modiselle, talking about how she and her husband rapper Priddy Ugly navigate disagreements during an interview on Podcast and Chill resurfaced on the X timeline on Tuesday.

Ntando Duma

“We don’t fight. We disagree, but we don’t fight. He’s never raised his voice, I’ve never raised my voice. We’ve never walked out on each other. No one has slammed the door. We’ve never had a dramatic moment. We really never have,” Bontle said.

Ntando shared the post on her timeline, gushing over how her relationship is similar as she and her partner don’t engage in fights.

Ntando Duma

“This is real. Understanding that fights don’t always have to be defined by violence or aggression is important. I’m literally in the most peaceful relationship with a partner who communicates everything with so much respect, kindness, love and grace, and vice versa. It’s a blessing. So grateful,” she wrote.

Ntando has kept the identity of her partner private, but she raised eyebrows when she added another surname to her social media handles, from “Ntando Duma” to “Ntando Duma-Mthombeni”.


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Sonia Mbele

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