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NWP Acquires Army Worm Traps

100 pheromone traps, 500 lures, and 400 chemicals have been delivered to the Ministry of Agriculture in the North Western province in preparation for the early detection of the fall army worms using the Integrated Pest Management-IPM system.

In order to encourage effective integrated pest management of the insect, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) purchased these traps, according to IVOR MUKUKA, director of the Zambia Agriculture Research Institute (ZARI).

At the delivery of pesticides in Solwezi today, Mr. MUKUKA was giving a speech that was read for him by SHADRICK MWALE, national project coordinator for the Ministry of Agriculture’s Emergency Response for Fall Army Worms in Zambia.

Following the delivery of the insecticides, North Western Provincial Agricultural Co-ordinator MUYOBO SHIMABALE thanked FAO for its ongoing assistance in pest control and advised all extension officers in the region to promptly report any potential fall armyworm indicators.

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