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The reason why Faith Nketsi really dumped her husband Nzuzo Njilo

Popular South African reality TV personality Faith Nketsi has recently disclosed the reasons behind her loss of faith in her husband, Nzuzo Njilo. According to Nketsi, Njilo allegedly defrauded her shortly after their extravagant wedding in Katlehong township, Johannesburg, on April 9 of the previous year.

Nketsi shared her distressing experience with associates, revealing that Njilo had sold her vehicle without providing an account of where the money went. She also expressed that Njilo displayed dishonesty and lacked financial management skills.

An anonymous associate of Nketsi stated that she had accused Njilo of defrauding her regarding the proceeds from the vehicle’s sale. Feeling betrayed by his actions, Nketsi, who values frugality, decided to end the marriage in January of the current year.

Faith Nketsi

The stunning model relocated with their daughter, Sky, to her own bonded house in Edenburg, Sandton, while Njilo moved to an apartment in Blue Valley Estate, Midrand, where he currently rents. According to the associate, Nketsi informed them that their union had irretrievably broken down due to the alleged fraud, leaving no possibility of salvaging the relationship. Last month, she instructed her lawyers to file for divorce, citing incompatibility, loss of affection, and disinterest in continuing the marriage.

Another associate mentioned that Nketsi and Njilo had already reached an agreement concerning their daughter’s custody and primary residence. The associate stated that the agreement would be formalized as a court order, with Nketsi having primary custody and Njilo granted visitation rights on Sundays, his birthday, and Fathers’ Day. Similarly, Nketsi would spend time with their child on her birthday and Mothers’ Day.

Regarding their daughter’s upkeep, Nketsi, who claims to earn at least R50,000 per month, agreed with Njilo that both parties would contribute. The associate revealed that Nketsi mentioned spending R22,000 on her bond, R3,000 on groceries, and R3,500 on utilities and taxes from her monthly income. Njilo, reportedly earning a gross monthly income of R200,000, allocated R45,000 to rent, R3,000 to electricity, R2,000 to groceries, and R25,000 to petrol.

Nzuzo Njilo

In an episode of her show called “Have Faith,” Nketsi, a social media influencer known for her reserved nature, surprised the entertainment industry by announcing her separation from Njilo. Despite their growing apart, she expressed uncertainty about whether to fight for the marriage or proceed with a divorce.

Nketsi and Njilo’s marital troubles became evident when Njilo was arrested in April on fraud charges in KwaZulu-Natal. Alongside his accomplice Kwanda Ntshangase, Njilo allegedly deceived a Johannesburg man by posing as truck sales representatives and accepting a significant sum of money for a truck that was never delivered. Njilo and Ntshangase were released on bail of R30,000 and R3,000, respectively. Attempts to reach Njilo and Nketsi for comment were unsuccessful.


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