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AKA’s old tweet about Kairo resurfaces

It really comes as no surprise that AKA and DJ ZInhle’s daughter, Kairo Forbes, was destined to follow in their footsteps, with both her parents in the entertainment industry.

And an old tweet by the late rapper is proving just that.

Last weekend, the eight-year-old only child of the slain star made headlines after taking to the stage in a tribute performance at 947’s Joburg Day.

Kairo Forbes

Following Kairo’s performance at Joburg Day, many music fans were concerned that her family was “exploiting ” the little girl.

But AKA’s mother, Lynn Forbes, shut down all speculation by revealing that Kairo insisted on her performance.

An old tweet by the late rapper – who was gunned down in Durban in February – has also added weight to Lynn’s comments.


In the tweet- posted in February 2019, four years before his murder – AKA claimed that his daughter was destined for showbiz. At the time, Kairo was just three years old.

The tweet read: “Myself and my father [Tony Forbes] both want Kairo to play tennis, be the next Serena Williams or whatever … But unfortunately, her mom plays her too much house music … and her Dad is DI MOLTI TALENTED… so you know where she’s gonna end up.”

The tweet has been revisited and retweeted in the wake of Kairo’s Joburg Day performance.

It’s no secret that Kairo is one of the biggest celebrity child brands in South Africa right now.

The only child of Zinhle and AKA has over 1 million Instagram followers and has reportedly generated millions in revenue through paid partnerships and endorsement deals.

According to E News Mzansi, Kairo has made a killing by monetising her Instagram following, which sits at over 1,3 million followers.

The mini-influencer reportedly charges as much as R18 000 per IG post for account run by her grandmother Lynn Forbes.


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