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Actress Palesa Madisakwane turns to Christianity

Well-known South African actress and media personality, Palesa Madisakwane has gained attention and sparked discussions after publicly renouncing ubungoma, a spiritual practice in South Africa. She shared a video on her social media platforms in which she tears and burns an ancestral fabric, symbolizing her turning away from the practice.

In an interview with a local publication, Palesa explained that she had always identified as a born-again Christian but sought help from ubungoma after facing challenges in her life, including losing her job at Generations, going through a divorce, and experiencing financial setbacks. Various sangomas advised her to undergo initiation and suggested that witchcraft might be behind her misfortunes.

Palesa Madisakwane

However, Palesa realized that consulting these spiritual practices opened doors to spirits she wasn’t raised to believe in. She decided to denounce those spirits, break the covenant, and turn to her Christian faith. She emphasized that her choice to follow Jesus doesn’t involve shaming or looking down on others who choose a different path.

“I realised going to these places I was opening up other doors of all kinds of spirits I wasn’t raised to believe in. Those are the spirits that have been following me and I needed to come out and denounce them and break the covenant, and now I am following the word of God. I am still not perfect. I am still a sinner but I am being perfected in Christ. I am not fighting, shaming or looking down on anyone who has chosen that way. God has given us a choice,

“I have taken it upon myself to say I am going the Jesus way. Even if it happens that I fall tomorrow, I pray God will lift me up in the way He wants me to go. I am openly denouncing these spirits that have been following me.”

Palesa Madisakwane

Palesa expressed her newfound peace and stated that she no longer stresses about work or business matters. She finds solace in her spiritual journey and believes that even if she stumbles in the future, God will guide her. She openly renounced the spirits that she believes had been following her.

“I am so peaceful. At first, I used to stress about my work, my business. There would be days I did not get certain things. Whether my business goes up or down, at the end of the day, I will say I found peace in Christ. I sleep at night, I don’t sleep with my eyes open.”

It’s important to note that spiritual beliefs and practices are personal choices, and individuals have the right to express their own beliefs and experiences.

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