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Pearl Modiadie started a big online debate

South African media personality Pearl Modiadie has headed online to complain about influencers and their cameras in the gym. Taking to Twitter, the radio host called on gyms to introduce new rules about people who record themselves working out and as a result, infringe on other people’s privacy.

Pearl Modiadie

While many locals agreed with her, others remarked that a lot of people rely on an income from these clips and should be allowed to record if they need to. 947 radio host Pearl Modiedie has headed to Twitter to share a hearty complaint about people who record themselves working out in the gym.

Taking to the app, she complained that her privacy was being infringed upon and that she isn’t able to work out freely because of the cameras. She also added that gyms should consider setting up new rules in order for people to maintain their privacy.

Pearl Modiadie

“I need to set up a proper home gym because these tripods that people have set up at the gym are not it. Can’t even work out freely, always checking that the camera isn’t pointing your way. New gym rules please
@virginactiveSA,” she wrote. Many who headed to the comment section agreed with Pearl that the cameras were a little too much.

“I’ve been saying that gyms should consider having designated areas for fitness influencers to record their workouts or take pictures, it’s really uncomfortable trying to workout next to someone who is recording,” one person said.

Others however feel bad for influencers who sometimes rely on their workout content as a source of income. Yea it’s better you set up your own gym sana because what if that’s someone’s job though ? Let’s be respectful of other people’s grinds,” someone remarked.

Source:  News365

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