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People believing Tutwa Ngulube was poisoned will be summoned by police

People who believe that late lawyer and politician Tutwa Ngulube was poisoned will be summoned by police.

Lemmy Kajoba, the inspector general of police, has announced that his office will call people who have previously claimed that former Kabwe Central MP Tutwa Ngulube was poisoned tomorrow in response to the charges.

According to Mr. Kajoba, the choice was made to aid the authorities in their inquiries.

Mr. Kajoba stated in a statement that the police are concerned about the persistent claims made by some people regarding the demise of Mr. Ngulube.

“From the time he passed on, some people have been heard in some sections of the media insinuating that he was poisoned and that they have evidence to that effect.In any case, Police have been following with keen interest the comments made by the named individuals,” he said.

According to the IG, police handled Mr. Ngulube’s death as an unexpected event and established an inquiry file and performed a postmortem to determine the cause of death in accordance with protocol.

In an event that the cause of death is natural, the surviving family deserves the right to privacy in terms of disclosing the deceased’s cause of death.Late Tutwa Ngulube was a public figure and a prominent Lawyer in Zambia who deserves respect and dignity from well meaning citizens,” he said.

Mr. Kajoba asserted that none of those who have alleged foul play in Mr. Ngulube’s death have ever gone to the police to present proof to support their assertions.

In this regard, effective tomorrow, Tuesday, December 13, 2022, we will be summoning individuals who are on record of making claims that the late Mr. Ngulube was poisoned so that they help Police with investigations,” he said.


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