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Video: Podcast and Chill’s Ghost Lady allegedly uncovered

Viewers of MacG’s Podcast and Chill revealed on Twitter on Wednesday, 13 June that they figured out who the mysterious Ghost Lady is from the YouTube channel.

The Chillers from Podcast and Chill reckon a lady named Khanyi from The Real Housewives of Johannesburg clip matches the voice of the show’s first lady aka Ghost Lady.

Ghost Lady, who co-hosts Podcast and Chill with MacG and Sol Phenduka has kept her identity a secret for years from fans of the show.

Ghost Lady from MacG's Podcast and Chill exposed

Fans also reckon the lady from the reality TV show could be Ghost Lady as the podcaster’s real name is also Khanyi.

A Chiller @ftbuttcf tweeted: “It’s her she works for an NGO, and on this episode, they are at the NGO church. She has said many times on the podcast that she works at an NGO church.”


Here are some of the reactions:

@SergionaKrigare: “Yeah, But it’s not. Yall are looking in all the wrong places. Just buy the ticket for 29th July. You’ll even see the real mnaka, not that guy they’re always describing on the podcast.”

@austerenkhatho: “It’s definitely her. I always imagined her to look this beautiful.”

@dj_siish: “Nah, that’s her guys, we found her, dialect is hers, the name, the accent… Uye lo.”

@real_refiloe: “That’s definitely her where do I press unsee phela she must remain a ghost. @Solphendukaa. Why did you have to call her by her name though? I blame you.”


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